This is our legacy gala invitation

Join us in honouring our Holocaust Survivor Educators and Eli Rubenstein, National Director


For 30 years, the March of the Living has engaged, impacted and changed the lives of more than 12,000 participants. From high school students, to young adults, to older adults and the remarkable survivor educators, the March has provided a powerful life-changing experience for all who have had the opportunity to participate.

The 30th Anniversary Gala will celebrate the success of the March of the Living and secure the financial viability of Holocaust education travel programs for years to come, ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust continue to be imparted to as many people as possible, and particularly our youth.

Our remarkable survivor educators have given selflessly of themselves to educate others, despite living through painful memories ignited by returning to the sights of the horrors they endured. In recognition of this extraordinary contribution to future generations, each survivor educator from Toronto will be honored that evening for their courage of spirit. Each will be recognized with a Legacy Fund established in their name at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto from the proceeds of the Gala.

Eli Rubenstein, a driving force and visionary leader, is the only person who has been involved in every March since its inception in Canada in 1988. Eli will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment and unceasing dedication to promoting and enhancing the March of the Living program. A Legacy Fund will also be established from the Gala’s proceeds in Eli’s name to permanently recognize his contributions.

Opportunities exist to honour any or all of our survivor educators, Eli Rubenstein, or the March of the Living program in general. We invite you to become a sponsor and be part of what promises to be an extraordinary and meaningful evening!

Jennifer Ernie Julian

Traveling with Holocaust survivors is what makes the March of the Living especially meaningful. Survivors share personal stories of growing up in Europe and what happened to them, their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles during the war. And, of course, how they survived. Sharing these stories brings the Holocaust to life. The unimaginable number of 6 million Jews who perished are no longer just numbers – but actual people who once had homes and hopes, dreams and aspirations, rich and vibrant lives that were brutally cut short. For the survivors, the act of sharing their stories with future generations gives them assurance that young people will be able to bear witness to the horrors that took place in the death camps and killing fields of Eastern Europe. Participants become “Witnesses for the Witnesses”, the bearers of the survivors’ most difficult memories and stories.

For 30 years, our Holocaust survivor educators and participants have banded together to remind the world of the terrible wave of hatred that once engulfed it, and how we must strive to set a new course for humanity that embraces love, dignity, and empathy for each and every member of the human family.

Their legacy is our hope.

We are Proud to Honour Toronto’s Survivor Educators by establishing Legacy Funds in each of their names: 

Amek Adler z’l
Eliezer Ayalon z’l
Martin Baranek
Josef Betel z’l
Ernest Bloch z’l
Hedy Bohm
Howard Chandler
Judy Cohen
Berthe Cygelfarb
Max Eisen
Irving Eisner
Anita Ekstein

Esther Fairbloom
Reny Friedman
Bill Glied z’l
Joe Gottdenker
Elly Gotz
Pinchas Gutter
Denise Hans
George Herczeg z’l
Mania Hudy
Nancy Kleinberg
Howard Kleinberg
Bronka Krygier z’l

Irene Kurtz
Joe Leinburd
Nathan Leipciger
Alex Levin z’l
Faigie Libman
Joe Mandel
Henry Melnick z’l
Georgine Nash
Sol Nayman
Susan Pasternak
Fanny Pillersdorf z’l
Tova Rogenstein
Martha Shem Tov

David Shentow z’l
Ernie Singer
Stefania Sitbon
Albert Sliwin
Vivian Stockhamer
Sally Wasserman
Robert Weiss z’l
Ernie Weiss z’l
Helen Yermus
Kathleen Zahavi
Miriam Zakrojczyk
Roman Ziegler

Eli Rubenstein

Eli Rubenstein has been the National Director of March of the Living Canada since its inception in 1988. Under his leadership, thousands of students have had the opportunity to learn from Holocaust survivors and use their experiences upon their return to become active members of the Jewish community and strong global citizens. Eli is a gifted storyteller and a passionate educator whose contributions have added immeasurably to the March of the Living in Canada and internationally. We are pleased to honour Eli with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his 30 years of extraordinary service and to establish a Legacy Fund in his name to ensure the continuity of his vision for Holocaust education.

“Some thirty years ago – I was in my late 20s – Walter Hess z’l, then UIA Canada executive vice president, approached me to help launch a trail blazing initiative called March of the Living. I travelled the country, from Vancouver to Halifax, encouraging Federation professionals and young people to consider participating. The response exceeded our most optimistic expectations. 

To know that Walter’s vision resulted in having 100 survivors accompany over twelve thousand students and adults on this life-changing journey is beyond description.

I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate 30 years of the March, than by ensuring the future of Holocaust education travel programs through funds established in the names of our eloquent and courageous survivor educators, thus ensuring that the stories and profound lessons they have taught us all, will continue to live on for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting this enduring legacy.”

Become a Sponsor

Proceeds will be used to establish permanent Legacy Funds at the Jewish Foundation in the name of each of our treasured survivor educators.

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